Sunday Ponderings – 02/22/15 Fear and Opportunity

Looking back at the best opportunities in my life – whether it was a job opportunity, a date or cool experience, there was always a moment of hesitation. But the times I listened to my gut always turned out to be better anything I could have imagined.

Jack Canfield quote

Jack Canfield quote

Harnessing this fear is definitely the key to success.. (easier said than done, right?) Yet this is essential to the creative process. In the War¬†of Art Steven Pressfield says that “Resistance is the Enemy.”

Joseph Campbell Quote on Fear

Joseph Campbell Quote on Fear

What is this resistance really? Fear.

Nothing destroys the creative process as much as fear, and courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s finding a way to work through it. Being comfortable with fear can have its drawbacks also. That’s called complacency.

Finding that delicate balance between doing what scares you and facing what paralyzes you – that’s the art of courage.

So What Does Tango Today Look Like?

While the “rose in the teeth” image remains what people think is tango, it’s really so much more.

So, here are some places where you can check it out. One of the best sources is this Facebook group –

Of course, a lot is still performance related, which is why I’ve personally been trying to encourage. Here’s a group started on 500px –

Likewise, my own Instagram account is dedicated to a combination of food travel and tango passions – (Be sure to follow me for more on tango today!)