Sunday Ponderings – 12/28/14

Recently, I was thinking about how often we get stuck in a rut.. playing out the same old routines.

Having just moved to a new place I had trade in a lot of old patterns for new ones – where to shop, how to get around, which wifi spots are the best to work.. but sometimes we’re still using outdated habits.

At the old place I needed to light a match on the left stove burners. In the new place they worked by themselves, but guess what?

I still used the right side – without thinking.

For a while there was a story about the origin of our railroad gauge that circulated around. My friends at busted this myth –

Still, it makes a good point that we often don’t know why we do things a certain way.

Another story is the one about grandma’s recipe.

So, as we get ready for the new year, what habits are you willing to look at and question whether they still serve you?

What beliefs are you ready to challenge?

Because, of course, if we’re ready for the change we want, it’s time to
“think different.”