What’s Your One Thing?

Mine right now is struggling with keeping going what lies ahead.. recently, I’ve been focusing on the lessons of The One Thing by Gary Keller.

I’m really resistant to this. Sure I’ve trained for marathons, practiced aikido, even learned tango – all hallmarks of my ability to sticking with something. Yet, I don’t know.. what is it about blogging? or focusing my business for that matter?

For me freedom remains one of my greatest values. I used to think that the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson was “Consistency is the hobgoblin of feeble minds.” Instead, he said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

So in reality he too was saying that freedom belongs to those who can handle it.

That’s not to say that this gives me the excuse to just drop this. But what IF I give myself permission to simply stop if this no longer serves me. Hmm.. maybe then it doesn’t feel so much like a obligation.. more like a responsibility –

That is, I have the ability to respond.. to choose..

Getting Ready for the Journey

Although I feel ready to hit the road & start my travels, I take a moment to remember to look around me and not miss all that is right here in my backyard.

Too often we’re so ready for change and distant horizons that we miss what’s right in front of us. In Vagabonding Rolf Potts warns that sometimes we can get so caught up in the newness of travel that we don’t really appreciate where we are.

In fact, this addiction to new and exciting can be just a Don Juan syndrome of constantly seeking the next location romance.

For me achieving location independence means freedom – not just financially but being able to be where I want to be / when I want to be there.. instead of being driven by someone else’s needs. As for actual location who knows? I’m ready to explore and see what works!

Price vs Value

Here it is.. just sold this $5.

How much you ask? Well, at least $5 as a friend of mine joked.

1988 $5 Inverted Overprint


Take a closer look.. what do you notice?

Well, the cut is off.. and wait, hey, some of the print is inverted?

Now what is it worth?

In the end it ended up selling for $275 – not nearly as much as this listing..

..but a new value for this $5 bill was set.. What if the buyer ends up selling it for more to another collector.. then what is it worth?

“Value is in the eye of the buyer..”

..and so in the end it’s all arbitrary. If there’s a zombie apocalypse tomorrow, who’s going to be in the market for rare coins and currency?

Over the years the price of water continues to go up. Yet, in most of the world it’s still fairly affordable. A friend of mine works to provide clean water to villages. How precious is a cup of this commodity to someone stranded in the desert or even on the open seas? “Water, water everywhere..”

Ok, you say, but these are extreme cases..

How about this? A few years ago, when I was helping owners to buy / sell businesses, I had to help them figure out what was a “good” price and other times what was a “fair” price for their business.

Here are 2 examples – a couple who wanted to change careers was trying to sell their door renovation business. When they tried to sell it themselves on Craigslist, one of the “buyers” not only wasted their time by not making an offer.. this unsavory individual even tried to copy the business from what he learned posing as a buyer!!

Luckily, in the end we connected, and I helped them to sell it for twice what they were able to get on their own. The buyer got a solid cash generating business – better than the pizzerias and other stuff out there, and my clients were grateful for what I helped them to get. Win – win.

Another client was going through a divorce and needed advice on what their retail business was worth. Based on what I saw in the market, I gave a range of values. This was not an appraisal, and who knows what the business would ultimately sell for. But for the purposes of the court, we needed to establish some working numbers for the settlement.

Ultimately, value is a moving target where timing really is everything. Any appraiser / advisor worth their salt must say this again and again on any / all documentation. Sure, part of this is CYA, but it is also the best way in the client’s best interest to understand this and keep it in mind.

So, for me selling this $5 was a step towards investing in new film / photography gear in the form of a DSLR. This is the one that I’ve got my eye on.. Canon T3i – seems like a great starter kit for shooting both aerial photographs and HD video.

When I bought my little SD1100 many years ago, little did I know how much money I’d make with this simple digital camera not much bigger than a deck of cards. That’s why I ask my students, “How many $100 would you spend to make another $100 and another..?

Maybe I could’ve gotten more than what I did. I finally signed up for a couple of collector sites at the encouragement of a friend’s recommendations – something that would have been better to do BEFORE I sold the $5 bill.

But I was busy on other things last week, and in the end I decided a bird in hand was worth more. Money loves speed, and I see more potential for putting the cash into a camera for some upcoming projects. Guess we’ll see what $5 ends up being worth..

Thoughts on Mothers Day

Today I talk about how embedded within the Chinese language are different beliefs and values. For example, the word for “good” is made up of the symbols for woman and child, signifying how the bond between them is the highest good.

What relationships are important to you? I’ve shared some bonds on the dance floor that have lasted more than many friendships.

If you’re ever near Santa Monica on a Sunday this summer, be sure to visit the 3rd Street Promenade where my friend Moti of Organic Tango hosts a free outdoor milonga. Folks from all over visit when they’re in town. It’s a real treat to dance outdoors, as a friend and I were saying. Don’t miss it!

You’re Invited to Join My Hero’s Journey

If you’re like me, you’ve tried a lot of things – online training, workshops, coaching programs.

You’ve dabbled in internet marketing, offline marketing, real estate investing – all in the name of FREEDOM.

So, what does it take to turn things around? Make REALLY big changes in our lives?

What you’ve been doing up to this point, got you HERE ..NOW.

In the past I’ve been pretty much a lone wolf – surviving, hanging in there.. resourceful but is there more?

Ironically, one of my biggest business successes was a non-profit started with other tango dancers.. I struggle with this because I’m an entrepreneur at the heart of it all.

“Non-profit” – as Adam Braun says talking with Marie Forleo that word does such a disservice to all the organizations with missions both big like the Red Cross and small. “..if you worked at a car company, you wouldn’t say that you worked in the non-aviation industry..,” Braun say.

We accomplished some great things at Project Tango. It was all an experiment – everything from alternative tango to helping to grow tango communities around the world. I often talk about how a fern grows better in a forest than the desert, or as Marianne Cantwell puts it, “Our weaknesses are just strengths in the wrong environment.

In the end those involved and I felt pulled in different directions. So it was time to leave.

Yet here I am again – about to embark on a journey to build both a business that will provide freedom and location independence for me AND “for purpose” mission to change the lives of others. Check out We Tango for Good.